Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Well, it took three weeks longer than expected (partly because we had a few issue finding the most discrete brackets we could), but yesterday we tore down the old spouting and installed the new.

There was never any doubt that they needed replacing, you could see the sky through parts of them:

And rust was obvious throughout.

However, we didn't quite realise how bad they were until they were taken down and we could see up close:

Hardly any of the original metal was functional, they were warped and full of forty years of debris.

But no more! Now we have lovely sturdy new continuous spouting, in a matching colour and profile. The regulations regarding brackets have changed, and they have to be much closer together than back in the day, which means more of them, but it still looks pretty good.

We also made sure we replicated the way in which the original spouting extended past the wall (exactly 8 inches) and wrapped the lip around the end of each section, returning it to the building. Details,'s all in the details.

And with the final coat of silicone sealant applied to the roof today, we thought that would be the end of the scaffolding, but then I realised that the new gutters didn't have the leaf-guard thingamee jig that we had organised to be installed, so we have another 24 hours before it can come down. Ah well. At least the end is in sight.

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