Saturday, 13 March 2010


This week also heralded the construction of our scaffolding. Erected over three days (the access to the site isn't great when it comes to lugging steel up from the road), we now have access to every inch of the walls.

So now Matt is spending this weekend trying to remove the remainder of the ivy (you can see the demarcation in the above photo) which he couldn't reach last weekend.

I, on the other hand, am finishing painting the cupboards in the spare rooms. Turns out we chose the wrong green. What old Karen Walker named "Beryl Green" should simply have been called "Mint Green". Urgh. It looked really bad. I tried a patch with a test-pot prior, but somehow you couldn't really tell the full effect until the first whole coat had been applied. Now we're going for a shade called "Washed Green", which looks much better. I will post photos when it's done.

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