Thursday, 11 August 2011


Sorry for the unexpected hiatus - a minor hiccup on the family front. But back in action now.

The lighting situation at our place has become rather comic - all of our lampshades and lights seem to be beautiful, but useless. The ones in the living room are the worst, but the dining area and our bedroom were also pretty silly in terms of being dim (both had Poulson PH 5 shades - lovely, but pointless if you actually want to shed light on anything). Come sunset, we have been squirreling round like a couple of blind moles, in light not even bright enough to read a book in.

It got a lot worse after the earthquake, as we lost both of our table lamps.

So when we visited this lovely shop last weekend, we couldn't resist picking up something new. A Plumen bulb. They are pretty fun to look at, and as they don't need a shade should be reasonably bright. They are eco-bulbs though, which do tend to be a bit on the dim side.

Oh, and they are stupidly difficult to photograph. See better pictures here.