Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My pessimism pays off..

Did I say we were being re-zoned? Oh, I'm sorry - I meant to say that pretty much every single property surrounding us has been re-zoned to green. We are still white. Technically white means they are still assessing us, but a very small and very pessimistic part of me is getting very slightly worried that we may in fact be told we can no longer live here because of land issues.

Could that actually happen?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Sheesh - nearly a whole months between posts.

Things are certainly slow around here, we are gradually settling into life back here - things have been dull and quiet for a while, but the past week has heralded two pieces of good news.

Firstly, we met with our landscape architect to look over his plans for the section - he thought these out before the big quake, but they are still relevant - we might just have to wait a couple of years until we can start.

I won't talk you through it - except to say we think it's awesome, and it made us excited about the house in a way we haven't been for a good twelve months.

The second piece of good news came tonight - it looks like we are being re-zoned from white to green and we all know what green means: Go!

I'm still very pessimistic though, and doubt it will really alter the snail's pace of things around here. Let's see.