Monday, 22 March 2010

The sash and frame colour debate.

Most Warren & Mahoney pixie houses from the same era as ours have a similar colour palette - pure white concrete block with grey frames and rust red sashes.

At sometime in our house's history, someone has applied a chocolate poo-brown paint to most of the windows, destroying the original, well thought-out colour scheme.

As the painters are here this week, we have had to really sort out what was supposed to be what. We knew that all opening sashes were originally the rust red surrounded by a grey frame, but there are a couple of windows which don't open (like the really large one in the front room shown above), and these ones were difficult to decide whether to go for the red or grey.

To help sort it out we went for an evening wander on Saturday to this house down the road.

The original owner was at home and happily chatted to us about how we are supposed to do it.

As a result, we are painting the unopening windows back to the original grey colour, rather than rust red.

The most exciting part is that they are being painted right now, as I type. And they look really good.

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