Sunday, 7 March 2010


We were lucky enough to have house-guests to put to work this weekend (be warned any who are thinking of coming to stay - board is provided in exchange for hard labour!)..

Sam and Ang got to work with the waterblaster and scraper to help clear the ivy residue:

Despite the bleak forecast, the weather was hot hot hot again, great for our purposes. It is hard work clearing this stuff - scraping, then blasting then scraping again.

But as the before and after photos below show - it's well worth it.

Now hopefully the painters can come in a couple of weeks and paint without the need for too much prep.

Meanwhile, I attacked the sills - removing all the tiles (which mostly fell off)..

..scrubbing them all (they don't make them anymore, so we are going to try to re-use them)...

...and scrubbing the exposed sills in preparation for the tiler who is coming Monday morning...

All in all a very productive weekend, with (hopefully) a very productive week to follow. We are supposed to be getting scaffolding erected tomorrow, but are having a little hitch which I may explain in due course, depending on how things pan out..

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