Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The spare room cupboards: Part 3

Finally, I've finished the spare room cupboards. We're happy with the colour, if anything it's a bit boring, but it's a huge improvement on the buttercup yellow that was there previously. The photos make it look more washed-out than it is - it's much more of a rish sage green. I've done the other spare room in the same colour, and polished the handles.

We are missing a handle, so I have spent a few days calling round trying to find a replacement - turns out they don't make any handles in that length anymore (quelle surprise!), but some guy in Wellington had a box of them 'out the back' so I have ordered a couple of them. I won't know for sure if they're okay until we get them, but I'm optimistic.

We still haven't decided on what colour to paint the main bedroom cupboards - Matt is keen on the original bright orange, but I'm not so sure.

ps it has been raining here today, so no painters, but apparently they will be here first thing tomorrow...

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