Friday, 26 March 2010

The painters move indoors

The painters have finished the exterior of the house today. We ended up needing three topcoats instead of two, as the leftover ivy was still showing through after two coats. We figured it was best to do it properly now, while we had the scaffolding up.

So this morning, the painters moved indoors and started the painstaking process of prepping and painting the window frames and the black recessed detail around them.

We weren't going to even think about doing anything in the bathroom and upstairs toilet this time round, but these guys are working so quickly and getting things done to such a high standard, that we figured we'd just keep going, so we are tidying up the bathroom walls and roof.

Today the roof got sanded back and the first coat of Sikkens (a German wood treatment) was applied. It looks so so so much better, just like that. Unfortunately I didn't get a decent 'before' photo to compare it with.

And in case you're wondering, yes that is a hole in the new glass in the bathroom - it is for the extractor fan which is being installed on Monday. Neither of us are that keen on getting one, but the bathroom needs some sort of active ventilation, and we felt that a window fan was the best option because it was the least invasive (we hated the idea of cutting through the tongue & groove to install a ceiling fan, and there is only a very small ceiling cavity anyway). We figure that if it is just too ugly and horrible, all we have to do is re-glaze the window and it will be like the fan never existed.

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