Monday, 29 March 2010


Once we decided last week to tackle the toilet and bathroom, we had to figure out a match for the orange in the toilet (which is also the orange on the chimney in the bedroom, and was the original colour of the master bedroom cupboards, before they were painted purple). Matt initially picked a colour on Friday morning at 6.30am, in the dark. Unsurprisingly it wasn't right (it was some sort of fluoro safety orange).

We ended up scraping some small samples from a strip of the original paint inside one of the cupboards and getting it matched.

The colour we were after was "Rock Spray". The painters applied the first coat last night - looking great already!

We're still debating whether we go for the same colour on the cupboard doors - there's a fine line with restoring a house to it's former glory and recognising that some things (particularly colours) do date, and the last thing we want is for our decorating to be described as 'retro'...

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