Monday, 15 March 2010

Clean clean house

Another busy weekend, with Matt spending hours and hours on the scaffolding scraping the ivy off. Then this morning the nice man came to waterblast the rest of the walls in preparation for the painters tomorrow. He reckoned that Matt's (and Sam and Ang's) work with the ivy saved him a couple of hours, so that was nice to hear.

Being indoors while he worked was a bit like taking your house through a car wash...noisy and wet. Fortunately I'm getting used to this and so had sheets and towels laid down in front of the windows to catch any leakage.

The results were impressive:

Clean clean clean walls. All ready for lovely fresh paint. Hopefully starting tomorrow (I am quickly learning that just because you set a date for something to happen, it by no means necessarily goes ahead. There is always a reason to delay things another day).

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