Thursday, 25 March 2010

Matt nearly wet his pants yesterday

When we first purchased our little house, we attempted to make contact with a number of people involved with it in it's first twenty years or so, including:

  • the original owner,
  • a senior architect at Warren & Mahoney who was a junior in the office at the time the house was built,
  • the architect who acted as project manager during the build, and
  • Sir Miles Warren - the architect principally responsible for the design.
Matt was brave enough to telephone the owner directly, and he has since visited the house. With regards to Sir Miles, Matt posted a letter, letting him know what had happened to one of his small pixie houses and inviting him to visit if he was interested.

Yesterday Matt received a reply by post.

It really is remarkable how well (and how fondly) he remembered both the house and the client. I can't help but feel that we really have 'rescued' what is a very special house from what could have been an unfortunate demise.

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