Friday, 2 April 2010

Winding down...finishing touches.

Although we are not yet finished the first phase of restoration (hopefully everything will be wrapped up on Wednesday), the only things left to do are to paint the bathroom walls (white) and the bedroom cupboards (undecided).

All of the tradesmen have left, excluding the guy who's plastering the bathroom wall, and the painters. Such a relief.

This week, the internal frames were finished, including the black negative detail around the downstairs frames:

They look sharp. I'm gearing up to do some epic 'before and after' photos soon.

Before the scaffolding came down, I thought it best to take the oportunity to clean the upstairs windows on the outside, so one day after work last week we got Matt up there with the Mr Muscle. It was a beautiful sunset, and now our windows sparkle (Mum and I did the insides the following day).

We are so so close to everything being completed.

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  1. Mr Muscle, hey?!
    If we had kept a blog of our renos it would have been the world's longest blog!
    Well done on even getting close to the end in such (relatively) short time!