Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The plumbing..

This is the hole in the hallway which exposes the plumbing to the bath. The plumber cut this hole today to try to diagnose why we had water coming through the ceiling when we showered on the weekend. You'd think that such a big hole would make it easy to see the problem, but no. Bizarrely, everything is bone dry in there. No leaks, no water, no nothing. Very frustrating.

Rather than seal up the hole and carry on, we are going to leave it open for the next week or so, and see if it leaks again, then have another look.

On the bright side, in terms of tradesmen and painting and repairing etc, we have otherwise finished! I said farewell to the painter this morning (I think he was relieved to be rid of us and our indecisiveness with regards to colours), and everyone else has packed up and left. If anyone is looking for some Resene Lustacryl in various shades of orange, green or grey then keep an eye on TradeMe, as I will be listing the leftovers in the next week while!

We still have lots of small jobs to do here and there, but we can finally clean the house properly (so long as I ignore the hole in the wall) and start living here like normal people. Hoorah!

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