Monday, 5 April 2010

Good news and bad news

Well, the good news is that sometime yesterday (Easter Sunday), the scaffolding guy came and took down our scaffolding, so we have our house back, and it looks AMAZING.

It was too good to be true. Things inside were wrapping up rapidly, late last week the plasterer came and filled the bathroom walls, and sanded them back so they were lovely and smooth. All that remained was to apply two coats of lovely white enamel and we could send everyone packing, close the door and enjoy our house.

For the first time in months I was feeling like there was actually going to be an end to this process, albeit temporary (there will always be more to do).

Then on Sunday morning, after we had woken and showered and gotten ready for the day, I found this:

The bad news is that that's the floor of our living area. Directly under the bathroom. Looking up, we could see drips of water coming through our beautiful wooden ceiling. Not exactly a torrent, but drips.

It's taken me over 24 hours to come to terms with it, but we have some sort of plumbing issue. the worst part is that the only way to even investigate is going to involve removing the wood panel on the side of the bath, and potentially opening up a hole in the wall of the bathroom (yes, the wall that the plasterer has so lovingly prepared for painting this week).

So, it's back to showering across town every day (thanks Mum and Dad). Hopefully someone is coming tomorrow to have a look. Hopefully.

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