Saturday, 18 October 2014

Nice light, a new fence, and online shopping.

Yesterday morning when I showed up, the light in the kitchen was pretty stunning. 

Then the workmen came, and took away the old formica bench top - we're getting a new one, probably black. 

It was a beautiful hot day, and because the European boys were inside grinding the concrete floor, and generally making a huge mess, I got stuck into a bit of gardening, clearing the front fence of ivy to reveal the underlying 'feature' wall.

It looks a bit decrepit, and needs a good scrub and a coat of paint.

We all had a day off today, Matt picked up some wallpaper samples from Resene, but they are truly hideous (all shiny and sparkly, or dull and boring), so after bemoaning the lack of decent wallpaper (or the good stuff costing squizillions - oh how I wish we could afford this Florence Broadhurst paper), we decided to go online and before we knew it I'd added five rolls of paper (designed and produced in Sweden) to my shopping cart and pressed 'checkout now'. Done. Now we just have to cross our fingers it gets here in the next week or so as that's when we need it. Yikes.

Oh yeah, and the builder took one look at how I'd prepared the wallpaper walls (my arduous process of stripping, sanding and sealing) and said it wasn't good enough and he'd need to skim plaster over it all.  Yep, pretty stoked about that.

Oh and our painter broke his foot and is out of action. Not entirely sure of what this means, but suspect it will entail a whole lot more painting from me.

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