Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day one.

Followers on instagram will know that yesterday I opened one of the sliding doors in the living area. It wasn't easy, and I only got it open about halfway, but it was great! So lovely to sit in the sun with the fresh air coming in. The door was jammed with dirt grime and took some leverage to get open. 

Today, we got them all open, albeit only about half way. One was actually screwed shut. Why do people do that?

We chose our paint colours.  We're going with the original brown and green colour scheme, but are selecting darker shades of each, to avoid the forest + chocolate look, which I'm not a fan of. 

We have spent a fair amount of time ignoring the obvious water damage to the floor inside every downstairs door.  It's historical, right? It definitely doesn't mean there are leakage issues, right?

And after some sanding (we're taking back all the original wood and then oiling it so it looks spanking new), I got stuck into the floor tiles.

And by the end of the day I'd removed all of the tiles on the floor in the living area. 

I also had a half-hearted attempt at wallpaper removal, but it turns out I need fabric softener to do it properly, so will have to come back to that.

We also managed to lose our dog (temporarily), and Matt waterblasted the exterior, ready for painting.

Tomorrow - more tile lifting, more sanding, and starting to paint the cupboards.

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