Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Days 3 & 4.

I have hired labour. Child labour. Well, a 15 year old (I think, he may be 16...? They all look so young these days).  There's just too much for me to do, plus I had to get a steroid injection in my wrist on Monday and I'm pretty sure when they said I was to constrain myself to light duties only, that didn't include sanding and stripping wallpaper.

So what have I been doing? Sanding and stripping wallpaper!

In particular, I've been working on this poor old woodwork:

Which was made a lot easier today by the introduction of....power tools!

And I also used the sander to prep the cupboard doors from the kitchen and laundry, ready to be returned to their natural state of pale grey and white. 

It was a super hot day, so got both coats on and they look sweet, but totally forgot to photograph before I left.

I did take another snap of one of the bedroom doors though - these stable doors are so cute, and they let just the right amount of breeze in.

Things are coming along, and with the help of my labourer we may even be able to start painting the internal window frames and sashes.

Tomorrow's a rest day as I have to place two feline oesophagostomy tubes and perform an exploratory laparotomy on a Schnauzer.  Back for a big day on Thursday.

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