Sunday, 12 October 2014


Sometime last week, the novelty of this 'buy an amazing mid-century house and make it beautiful again' thing really wore off.  Things seem to look worse and worse each day, and every time I visited I'd find some new task that would take at least another extra day to complete. 

Walking in this morning was also a bit of a downer. So much to bloody do.  It didn't help that we sold the dishwasher to a guy on TradeMe who wanted to collect at we got our sorry arses out of bed and down to the house, only for him not to show up until nearly 11... hurumph. 

Anyway, we have made some progress. The kitchen was originally a cloudy blue colour, but at some stage the peg-board and some of the walls were painted chocolate brown. 

I've rectified that....behold the (blurry) 'before' pic:

...and after:

I've removed all the cupboard doors and made them look shiny and new as well:

And I figured while we had no floor we should take advantage of being able to tidy up the bottom of the walls without having to clean up, so slapped on a really thick glossy layer of black paint - gasp in wonderment at this before and after:

It looks super slick and sharp and clean.  Unlike the rest of the house, which is dirty and dusty and smelly.

Matt spent the day sanding (will it ever end??!), and finally managed to get some primer on the window frames.  I might even be able to paint some of them tomorrow.

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