Monday, 3 January 2011

We got ourselves some blinds for Christmas!

Yes, we really splashed out and got ourselves two blinds for the house. One for the huge front window and another for the sliding doors.

We have decided to go for Luxaflex Duette blinds, as they have a similar profile to the original venetians, but have the added property of providing some insulation when in use. As a bonus they kind of let the light diffuse through nicely, so that room almost feels lighter when they are down.

From the side they have a honeycomb profile which is how they can insulate:

And they are really slim when pulled up, so they don't interfere with the frame at all.

They are super dooper expensive though, so we only bought the two, but hopefully a bit later in the year we might be able to get a few more for the other downstairs windows.

The front one is currently permanently down as we had some big aftershocks on Boxing Day and I am so sure that that window is very close to shattering (it is old and thin and there mustn't be much flex in the frame)...we'll see.

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