Monday, 10 January 2011

Small victories...

After attacking various plants on Saturday, including some of the smaller agapanthus, Matt came home from watching the cycling and decided to get stuck in to the two giant agapanthus plants which have been taunting us from the living room window - I know it is hard to look at this photo and see exactly what we are complaining about - the scraggly trees? The cracked fence? The weedy lawn? No, it's the two green luscious perennials situated in the centre and to the left of this photo:

I don't think they had ever been officially 'planted' - just dumped on the ground as the root systems were largely above the earth, and some were still plastic wrapped...

Anyway, after getting them out, we needed to figure out how to get rid of them - drag them down the hill and borrow a trailer and drive them to the Green Waste Dump? Hmmm, we couldn't really be arsed with that. So I thought - what about Trade Me ...(the rest of the world has eBay or Craigslist, but New Zealand has Trade Me). Matt said "no way" and "no one is going to want these". But I listed them anyway - as is, where is. $5 Buy Now.

We waited.

And less than six hours later someone had snapped them up and is apparently going to come and pick them up next weekend. With a trailer. And take them away. Then give us five bucks for doing so.


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