Saturday, 8 January 2011

Taking it out on something...

We have been here nearly twelve months and I feel like we have just been sitting back letting the garden get the better of us. Watching it grow and close in. So in response to the recent bathroom fiasco, I took to the outdoors today and attacked. There were no power tools, just a flannel shirt, some old jeans, some gardening gloves, a trowel, some secateurs, a hand-held saw and brute (or in my case not so brute) strength. And some anger.

I tore at weeds, ripped out as many of the hideous agapanthus I could get my hands on, and then I spied this tree:

Minding it's own business near the back courtyard. It kind of annoyed me. Just the way it looked. It attracts heaps of bees and flies too.

So I took to it with the hand saw:

Ten minutes later, it was a goner:

Just a stump remaining (well, a stump and a whole tree which needs to be cut up into smaller pieces to remove...).

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