Wednesday, 29 June 2011

One step forward....five steps backwards.

So last week, the big guys 'zoned' the entire city:

We fell in the white zone. We thought it was no big deal, and had no real consequence to our repairs. We had our scaffolding up, and our builder was talking to the EQC about starting work. Then in today's paper they came out and said that they have put a hold on all repairs in the white zone...indefinitely.

Our scaffolding is going to be taken down. We have no timeline. We have gone from optimistically hoping work would begin in the next few weeks, to the very real possibility it may be over 12 months before anything happens.

What the heck am I going to blog about if that happens?


  1. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that. it stints for your guys.
    my parents are luck and are one street away from a white zone classification.

  2. What a difficult situation to be in, I really feel for you. My kiwi husband and I live in Germany but have fond memories of ChCh. I hope rebuilding efforts commence faster in your zone than you are currently fearing. xx