Sunday, 21 February 2010

Water action..

Unlike the rest of the summer, this weekend we managed to have some fairly fine weather. So my lovely Uncle took the opportunity to bring his waterblaster up and start having a go at clearing the ivy residue off the exterior walls, in preparation for painting.

It was a pretty powerful piece of machinery..

Once Donn had left, Matt took over, and managed to find a whole new garden path underneath the one that was there prior.

My "before and after" shots, don't really show what a remarkable difference it made.

Here's a photo from last weekend:

And the photo from today:

Yeah, it doesn't really look that different here, but trust me, it is a whole different colour. It looks like freshly poured concrete, and is lovely and rough again so we can say goodbye to the prospect of heavily pregnant ladies slipping on their bottoms during descents in rainy weather - hoorah!

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