Monday, 8 February 2010

Our little slice of paradise

DIY work is currently on hold - I've tiled half of the laundry, but need to wait for the polyurethane to dry before I can start the second half.

Matt is still scraping the quarry tiles....and will be for some time...

We are waiting to meet with a builder to get things started on the exterior, and I have a guy from the drain company coming to see me in a few hours to discuss the very depressing subject of our completely stuffed drainage system - as was the usual thing at the time the house was built, the drains are made from clay piping. With time, tree roots crack and destroy the piping and eventually it all needs replacing with a more robust material. It was probably due to be done about 10 years ago, but unsurprisingly, it has been neglected so that now it is fairly urgent (water runs down off our section and across our driveway with alarming regularity).

A more positive development is that we got given the following wee pressie last week - a model of our little house, constructed from the plans:

It is even sloped, to show the contours of the section.

It is neato. Thanks Justin.

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