Thursday, 8 August 2013


Stupidly, one of the first things we did when we moved in, was rip out the shelves in Clem's room-to-be.  I was heavily pregnant, and obsessed with how his room should be, and it didn't include shelves. So dumb. Anyway, we arranged for our builder to replicate and re-install the shelves.  

It took a while, but after some tempting with baked goods, he came with the new shelves this week. 

I oiled the wood (rimu) with the same stuff we used on the stairs. Unfortunately, I was a bit slapdash, and accidentally dipped a long piece of my hair in the tin of oil. And instead of washing it out, I left it there for the day, so it got really dry. Anyway, I had to chop out a chunk of my hair to get rid of it, which I haven't had to do since I got chewing gum in my hair when I was about 11.

The shelves look good though...

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