Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Getting the gang together...

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted the original owners of our house, and an architect from the firm that designed it. Another architect and the project manager were also going to come, but one forgot and the other was too busy.

Over afternoon tea (those aren't chicken nuggets in that bowl - they're cheese choux pastry puffs - far fancier), and a few wines, we talked about the design process, the budget (we used to think it was really modest, but in actual fact it was substantial for the time), and how happy the owners were with their house (= very).

It was lovely to sit around and chat. As always, we learnt a few things, had a few laughs.

Matt followed up with the other architect (who forgot to make it) last weekend, and again had a very fruitful conversation...more later.

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