Thursday, 10 November 2011

Community meeting

I went to my first community earthquake meeting to get an update on zoning, and the process involved for getting our house sorted. There was an amazing turnout at the local school hall:

...a lot of grey hair (check out the guy to the right of the photo - not happy):

It was long, there were several speakers (respresenting CERA, EQC, CCC and the Port Hills Geotech Mapping peeps) - it wasn't particularly informative, there were a lot of crazy hecklers, and I got tired so spent the last half sitting on the floor, watching a sea of angry peoples' legs.

The whole gist of it was: we are working through each white zone to make a decision about access to running water, but there are lots of people who don't even have access to their houses yet, so we have not forgotten you but you are quite far down the list in terms of priority. Can't really argue with that. No-one would put a time-scale on the process though, all they would confirm is that they hoped it would be complete within a couple of ............years. But it may be sooner. Here's hoping!

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