Monday, 17 October 2011


Don't get excited - nothing significant to report from around here. The weather is warming up though, and what is left of our garden is going crazy. I braved the potentially unsafe backyard to search for any remnants of my vege patch and was pleasantly surprised.

Some tarragon made it through:

And quite a few clumps of chives are thriving:

The lemon sage is going nuts, but I hate that stuff - it's just a glorified weed. But down in the bottom right of the photo you can spot a few small tufts of chervil:

And bizarrely, in the middle of the 'lawn', some parsley is springing up.

We have decided to start attacking the ivy which has consumed the plants on our path:

It's hard going, but satisfying, and it's nice to be doing something towards tidying things up around here.

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