Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Sewer!

Not sure if that title really deserves an exclamation mark, but hey...

A few weeks back Matt and our dads (his and mine) started digging up the old sewer pipes in preparation for replacement.

My husband, the working man.

Boo, the supervisory dog.

Then last Saturday the Pooman came up (seriously, that's what his company is called) to lay the drains. We made a deal that we would do all the digging and contribute to the hard labour in order to save us time. They would do the tricky stuff themselves like jack-hammering the pesky rock that got in our way and laying the pipes.

For half a day there were old men, young men and shirtless men hard at work outside (ladies remained indoors out of the heat and noise...of course).

Burrowes showed up. And ate some cake.

Then somehow got roped in to being chief concrete layer...

Six hot, sweaty hours later, we had a brand new sewer!

Ta da! Now we just have to cover it up again..

(nb, thank you to everyone who came up, including my mum, Alistair and the Browns...sorry I didn't get any photographic evidence of you being there, we couldn't have done it without you).

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