Saturday, 22 November 2014

The wallpaper

I got sick this week. I'm blaming it entirely on this house. I got the most rotten feverish virus.  It coincided with a friend coming down from Auckland specifically to help hang wallpaper (she sold her services well - once about 20 years ago she helped her mum hang some - this made her the most qualified person I know).  She also happened to have a touch of the spring-flu.

But nothing was going to stop us from knocking this bastard off. We loaded up on panadol and coffee and got to it.  We figured we'd measure each drop, cut them, then hang them - surely it would only take half a day?

So we measured. SIX hours later we hadn't started hanging paper. That's what happens when you get two sick ladies and a measuring tape together and expect them to work efficiently.  We did have this though, which is something of a work of art:

Anyway, it took us two and a bit days, but we got there in the end..... paper! :

Seriously though, that wall up there was SO hard. Those sticky-outy-bits needed paper on all sides, basically like wallpapering a cube. So uncool.

We both took to our beds at the end. I'm still hacking away, bringing up enormous amounts of goop from my lungs, and I have some kind of mega-weakness thing going on, but that will hopefully pass soon.

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