Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy New Year

I have been phoning EQC at least once a fortnight for the past 23 months. Immediately after the earthquake, I was phoning daily.  Most of those phone calls have been related to the land issues we're having, and not one of them has been rewarding. Most have gone something like this (and that was in June 2011!).

For the past six months or more, I have been repeatedly told that an 'information pack' is being sent to me with details of my claim -  I was convinced that this 'information pack' was fictional - a ploy to stop my phone calls..

Then it arrived. Earlier this month. Nearly two years after the quake:

And it tells us........nothing. This piece of shit 'information pack' is simply an acknowledgement that we have made a claim, and a guarantee that our claim is being processed. Every single item referred to in the letter is absolutely 100% unchanged from the situation back in June 2011.  It is completely generic, and useless.

Oh, except that they included a whole lot of photos of our place, which were taken in about March or April this to prove that they visited? WTF?

And then they threw in this pamphlet explaining the claims process....pretty much printed straight off the EQC website. A complete waste of time, paper and money.

Hrmph. I'm not happy EQC, not happy at all.

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