Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another source of tiles?

I received a tip-off yesterday morning about a Warren & Mahoney house that is set for demolition (thanks, Justin!).  I was on site within an hour to meet the foreman and have a look and see if we could use any of the materials for our house. Fortunately, the whole property was clad in the concrete blocks we need, so now our builder is (hopefully) organising the retrieval of enough to fix our place. 

I was also looking for the quarry tiles for our floor. I think I forgot to mention at the time, but when the underfloor heating guy came to mark out the coils for the floor re-leveling, he found a fault in the electrics of the underfloor heating. Not a major issue, but it will be eventually. The only way to fix it is to remove some tiles and dig right down to the coils.  So, we are not going to go ahead with that until we have a source of replacement tiles.  Unfortunately the house above didn't have any.

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