Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It was going to be so straightforward..

You know how I said, like, 3 hours ago, that these blocks were ours for the taking?

Well, the owner of the house (rightly) checked with her insurance company about us picking up those blocks. Just to keep everything above board. BUT technically, those blocks belong to the insurance agency. And, you guessed it, they don't want to just give them to us. In order for us to drive up and load those blocks on to a truck and take them away we have to get our Project Manager to put in writing:

1. How many blocks will be removed, and
2. A site safety plan outlining the procedure for collecting the blocks and any safety measures which will be put in place during the operation.

Seriously. Do you see those blocks up there? A site-safety plan? They aren't even on the property. Sheesh .

Two steps forward, one step back.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like typical kiwi PC madness. But I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to write something they maybe happy with. The only way you could use metric, is if you were to plaster the whole thing. We had to do this ourselves and it looks good, eg white painted plaster, but it may not suit you due to the block pattern giving it part of it's styling. But I think plastering is better than seeing different sized blocks. Good luck, I am sure there are heaps of imperial blocks around on old buildings.