Monday, 18 April 2011

Exciting new feature!!

This is not relevant to the thousands of people who subscribe to this blog via Google Reader (or other applications where you can't see the extra stuff like banners and ads from our sponsors. Ha! Sponsors! I kill me), but anyway, over on the side bar I have added a new feature.

While the rest of the world has eBay, or craigslist, here in New Zealand we have Trade Me. We are always watching something, and occasionally we bid and get new stuff. We also sell stuff over there. The earthquake has given us a whole new excuse to buy more stuff. Not only for us, but also for Matt's office (his old office is still within the central city cordon so he has no access to his furniture).

If you are nosey, or interested, or looking for something nice and can't be bothered trawling through all the listings, then check out my new "Watching on Trade Me" thingy over on the right. Apologies, but I couldn't think of a more inspiring name. I've kicked things off with this Rosewood coffee table.

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