Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A bit more damage..

Another part of the fence has fallen down in an aftershock - no biggie, we weren't planning on keeping that fence long term anyway...

We went in and cleaned out the inside last weekend. The internal pane of glass that smashed:

Small cracks in paint and gib-board upstairs:

Cracks in the downstairs block work:

We have had our builder, an architect (thanks bro), and a structural engineer have a look and all three are optimistic about the long-term future of the building. If we can sort out the immediate issues of weather-proofing and clearing unsafe debris then we may be able to occupy the house pretty much straight away.

Hopefully we will have scaffolding up in the next week so we can secure the roof tiles back in place, and waterproof the front of the building.

There's still no water, but we have power. And a portaloo out on the road. Getting there.

Weirdly, the guys want to carry on with finishing our bathroom, and so someone is coming next week to recondition the bath. You'd think it would sort of slip off the priority list, but I think lots of tradesmen are keen to get jobs done to keep up income - it could be months or even years before some of the highly skilled work actually eventuates. If you're not a builder or digger or scaffolder there's probably not a lot of work right now.

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  1. i've just come across you blog after reading your last comment on 'aux petits oiseaux'..
    i'm a fellow nz'er livng in france. much of my family are in chch. i was reading about the damage to various warren and mahony buildings over the weekend & funnily have now come across you blog.
    i really hope that your home hasn't suffered huge amounts of damage. it looks a typically beautiful w & m building. so sad to see all the damage to so many beaiutiful buildings.