Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Update with crappy iPhone photos...sorry

Sorry, but my camera has passed away, suddenly. But as I know you are all totally enthralled with progress in our bathroom, and just dying to see how things are going, I'm giving you some iPhone photos...some not very good ones.

First, something good - our new benchtop arrived and has been installed - it is divine. So clean and orange. I love it. We are using the old sink - it's heavy and porcelain and we see no reason to replace it with something cheap and plastic (as that's all we would be able to afford). i gave it a good scrub and it has come up like new.

Now something not so good...

Most of the tiles have been laid, but we have to say that we're not stoked with how it looks. It's not the fault of the tiles - they are fine, and we know that things are far from finished, but there are too many odd looking gaps for our liking..

Plus, as you can see above, the tiles have been built up so they are higher than the window frame, which means we have to build up the frame with another bead...which is getting pretty messy all round.

At this stage, we have someone else stepping in to finish the job and hopefully rectify a few of the issues we have (yes, there are more, but to be honest I am a bit over the whole thing to feel like listing all the badness right now)..

Anyways, sorry about the snaps, unfortunately we didn't budget for a new camera right now, so I'm not sure when the high quality photos will return...sigh.

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